Chita Peninsula and Islands Tour 3D2N

Chita Peninsula and Islands Tour 3D2N
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  • CPI3
Chita Peninsula and Islands Tour 3D2N

Chita Peninsula and Islands tour offers a three day introduction to seaside “Inaka” (countryside) of Japan. You will see beautiful ocean scenery, with mesmerizing sunsets, walk little charming streets of tiny fishermen islands, learn about the life of modern Japanese fishermen and of course eat the freshest seafood in all its variety. Experience stay at a “minshuku” – private Japanese house accommodation, relax in a hot bath in a resort style hotel, and let the ocean breeze take all your heavy thoughts away.

This tour is recommended as a side-trip for those visiting Aichi prefecture and Nagoya. It will offer a nice change of atmosphere for those travelling mainly big cities and major tourist destinations. Chita peninsula and the islands are quiet and have a very different feel compared to urban areas.

This tour is perfect for you if:
  • You have seen all popular areas of Japan and seek something off the beaten path
  • You enjoy beautiful scenery, especially ocean
  • You want to have a retreat and relax away from the big city
  • You like seafood
  • You want to experience authentic Japan and see local life

Caution: this tour in not suitable for people with seafood intolerance.

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Day 1 : Nagoya to Shinojima Island


Start the tour by taking the train and bus from Nagoya to Kowa port. From Kowa port enjoy a 20 minute ferry ride to Shinojima Island. At the ferry terminal you will receive your map and after leaving the luggage at the accommodation you can spend the rest of the day exploring the island.

It is recommended to hike around the island (90-180 min), with stops at the beaches for relaxation. You will see fishermen boats, locals going by their day, and a local public school serving only 30 students.

In the evening, head to the observatory to watch the famous sunset. Shinojima sunset is listed among top 100 sunsets in Japan.

Accommodation: Minshuku Tarakabune (or similar), Japanese style room, shared bath, with dinner and breakfast


Day 2: Himakajima Island


In the morning enjoy traditional Japanese breakfast at your accommodation and take a ferry boat to Himakajima (10 minutes). After arriving at Himakajima, leave the luggage at the hotel and spend the entire day exploring the island, enjoying the fresh sea breeze and seeing many gorgeous ocean views, fishermen working, and relaxing at the beach or doing some shell hunting. It is recommended to rent a bicycle, although you can simply walk around (the island is about 5 km in perimeter). Fishing equipment rentals or fishing on a fishermen boat is also among popular activities. The accommodation is resort-type hotel, featuring beautiful ocean views, hot baths, and fresh seafood.

Accommodation: Himaka Kanko Hotel, Japanese style room, with dinner and breakfast


Day 3: Morozaki and Chita Peninsula and back to Nagoya


Start the third day of the tour by taking ferry to Morozaki port. Take a short walk to Hazu Cape and hike up to Hazu Shrine and 360° ocean view point. Next, it is recommended to visit Morozaki morning market for souvenirs, such as seafood and fruit, then head to Hanahiroba – a giant flower plantation featuring different flowers in different seasons. Finally, visit shrimp cracker factory Ebisenbei no Sato, to make your own giant shrimp cracker, taste over 20 different types of crackers, and see the cracker mass production line at the factory.

At a time comfortable to you, head back from Kowa to Nagoya by Meitetsu Train.



Included in the cost of the tour:
1 night at minshuku Takarabune, Japanese style room, dinner and breakfast
from 12,000 JPY/person/night
1 night at Himaka Kanko Hotel, Japanese style room, dinner and breakfast
from 15,120 JPY/person/night
920 JPY/person
Island Hopping Pass (all ferry rides)
2,050 JPY/person
Meitetsu Train from Kowa to Nagoya Meitetsu Train
920 JPY/person
Service fee *Please see below
5,000 JPY/person
Cost for this itinerary is based on 2 travelers in the group
Total cost per person : 36,010JPY

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  • Tour code :
  • CPI3