14 Day Moderate Hiking Tour

14 Day Moderate Hiking Tour
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14 Day Moderate Hiking Tour

A perfect hiking tour around the most popular areas of Central Japan for active travelers who like to explore their travel destination on foot. This 14 day Moderate Hiking tour is great for those who are fit enough to walk for many hours per day, however it does not require a high level of physical endurance. All walks and hikes of this tour are fit for an average person and most of them are on flat ground. You will see some of the most breathtaking views of Japan, stunning scenery or rivers, waterfalls, forests, and mountans, including Mnt. Fuji. The tour many culturally and historically significant spots such as castles, shrines, and temples, as well as large cities, Zen parks, and tiny villages.

This tour is perfect for you if:
  • You like to be active during your holiday
  • You enjoy walking for many hours in a day
  • You enjoy history, culture, and some scenery
  • You want to see A LOT in one trip
  • You have a lot of energy and like to move around
  • You want to experience as much of Japan as possible without spending a fortune

*14 day JR Pass needed for this tour (Please purchase JR pass in your country before coming to Japan)

*Blue parts are included in the tour cost

*Green parts are covered by JR Pass

*Orange parts are additional options

For travelers seeking to explore Tokyo and Osaka it is recommended that their total stay in Japan is longer than 14 days, to allow them free-time before beginning and after ending the tour. In this case, please do not validate your JR pass until the first day of the tour.

 Detailed guide book with maps, transportation information and attraction information is included with each tour.

All itineraries are adjustable to fit your needs and interests. Please contact us directly for assistance: .

Day 1 : Tokyo


Arrive to NRT airport and validate your JR Pass (if you’re staying longer after Day 14, validate it from Day 2 as you don’t use much JR on day1). After leaving your luggage at the hotel, spend the day exploring Tokyo on foot at your own pace, starting and ending at Shibuya Station, near your accommodation.

Suggested route:

Shibuya station – Yoyogi Park – Meiji Shrine- Takeshita Street – Omote Sando – back to Shibuya

Shibuya station: see the famous scramble crosswalk, featured in many movies, and Hachiko statue. One of the best shopping sports in Tokyo.

Meiji shrine: located just behind Harajuku station, one of Tokyo’s most famous shrines. You can also walk through Yoyogi park adjacent to the shrine if you have lots of time and energy.

Takeshita Street: the boiling pot of Tokyo’s youth fashion designers and admirers. Great shopping spot for unusual clothing items. You can also eat delicious crepes in dozens of different flavors.

Omote Sando: a high-end shopping street right next to Harajuku, featuring luxurious fashion shops and many restaurants.

This route requires around 3 hours to just walk through without stopping. If you plan to stop for shopping, attractions, and food, please plan for more time.

If you still have time you can visit Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office Building

 Accommodation: Tokyou Hotel Stay Shibuya (or similar), twin room, w/breakfast,

Location: 1 minute walk from Shibuya Station.

Day 2: Nikko

Early in the morning take a train to Nikko (Shibuya to Tokyo 25 min on JR Yamanote line, Tokyo to Utsunomiya 50 min on Shinkansen, and Utsunomiya to Nikko 45 min on JR Nikko Line)

Suggested route:

Shinkyo – Toshogu Shrine – Nishi Sando – Tanyu-in Temple – Takinoo Shrine – Tanyu-in Temple – Bake Jizo – Shinkyo.

Walk to Tobu Nikko Station (5 min), buy Yumoto Onsen bus pass (3,000 JPY, good for 2 days) and get a map. Then take a bus to Shinkyo (10 min), and leave your luggage at your accommodation. Begin your trip by viewing of famous Shinkyo (Secret) Bridge and the river, then walk up to gorgeous Toshogu Shrine (visit to shrine is 1,300 JPY) and explore the grounds. If you decide to walk up to the graveyard of the Shogun, you will easily have a 1.5 hour hike to visit all the sites of the shrine.

In the afternoon, walk through a path featuring mysterious stone lanterns and Futarasan Shrine to enjoy a late lunch around Nishi Sando bus stop and turn back. Walk back until you reach Taiyu-in Temple, from where you can hike to Takino-o Shrine (1.5 hour round trip).

If you still have energy after the Takino-o hike, we recommend you do scenic Kanmangafuchi Abyss hike to see Bake Jizo along the river (1.5 hour). In the evening walk back to your accommodation.

Accommodation: Tokinoyu (or similar), Japanese style room, dinner and breakfast

Location:5 minutes by bus from JR Nikko Station

Day 3: Hakone


Send your big luggage to Matsumoto from the hotel (about 2,500 JPY/bag), pack for one night in your backpack. Take a bus to JR Nikko Station, then train from Nikko to Utsunomiya (45 min), Shinkansen from Utsunomiya to Tokyo (50 min), and Shinkansen from Tokyo to Odawara Station (30 min). Lastly, take a T Line bus from Odawara to Senkyoro (1 hour), and leave your luggage at the accommodation. Buy lunch at a convenience store, and head from Senkyoro to Otome Toge on bus S (20 min). From the bus stop enjoy a 40 min walk to Otome Toge, then hike up to the top of Mt Kintoki (65 min) for a marvelous view of Mt Fuji and a visit to a small cozy house at the top. Walk down to Kintoki Shrine 60min, take a bus from Kintoki Jinja Iriguchi back to Senkyoro on S line (20 min), and come back to your accommodation.

Accommodation: Fuji Hakone Guesthouse (or similar), Japanese style room, breakfast

Location: 1 houf by bus from Odawara Station

Day 4: Matsumoto

In the morning take a bus T from Senkyoro to Togendai (20 min), Senkyoro to Owakudani by cable car (15 min), walk up to Owakudani Valley to enjoy a great view of Mt Fuji (45-60 min round trip), Owakudani to Sounzan by cable car (10 min), Sounzan to Gora by funicular (10 min), Gora to Hakone Yumoto by mountain train (40 min), Hakone Yumoto to Odawara Station by train (15 min). Have a lunch before taking shinkansen (buy lunch at the station to eat on the train or eat lunch at Odawara Station). Take Shinkansen from Odawara to Tokyo 30 min, and then take trains from Odawara to Matsumoto (3.5 hours). Check into your hotel in Matsumoto and go out for a dinner. After dinner take a 10 min walk to Matsumoto castle to see the night lit up view of the castle.

Accommodation: Dormy Inn Matsumoto (or similar), twin room, breakfast.

Location: 5 mins walk from Matsumoto Station, 10 mins walk to the castle

Day 5: Kamikochi

Ship your suitcase from your hotel to Kiso Valley and pack for two nights into your backpack. In the morning after breakfast head to explore Matsumoto Castle in the daylight, and then visit charming traditional style Nawate shopping street for souvenirs and snacks. Pick up your luggage at your hotel and head to Kamikochi for your next destination. Take a train from Matsumoto to Shin Shima Shima (50 min), and bus from Shin Shima Shima to Taisho Ike (60min). Enjoy hiking from Taisho Ike Pond 9 (a gorgeous mirror-like pond reflecting Mt Yake) to Myojin via Kappabashi Suspension Bridge over Azusa River, and lovely Myojin Pond, (2.5 hours 6.5 km flat hike). Check into your accommodation just in time for dinner.

Accommodation: Myojinkan (suggested, but up to availability. If it’s not available, the hiking plan for the day will be affected), Japanese style room, Dinner and breakfast.

Location: 50 min walk from Kamikochi bus terminal, on the trail, easy to find

Day 6: Kamikochi

Enjoy hiking on beautiful trails of Kamikochi for the whole day. We suggest taking up one of the two options below:
Option 1: Hike from Myojin to Yokoo via Tokusawa. (4.5 hour round trip, 14 km flat). Recommended to eat famous ice cream and curry & rice at Tokusawa-en.
Option 2: Hike from Miyojin to Tokumoto Toge (4 hour 8 km round trip, uphill and downhill 1,530 m – 2,140 m).

Accommodation: Myojinkan, (suggested, but up to availability. If it’s not available, the hiking plan for the day will be affected), Japanese style room, w/dinner& breakfast

Location: 50 min walk from Kamikochi bus terminal, on the trail, easy to find

Day 7: Kiso Valley

593  582

In the morning walk to Kamikochi Bus Terminal (45 min) and get a number ticket for your bus at the ticket counter. Take the bus from Kamikochi to Shin Shima Shima (1 hour) and train from Shin Shima Shima to Matsumoto (50 min). Then change to train from Matsumoto to Nakatsugawa (1 hour 15min), and finally take a bus from Nakatsugawa to Magome (25 min). Have a rest and lunch at Magome-juku – a tiny well-preserved village on top of a mountain. Buckwheat noodle, Goheimochi, chestnuts are famous in this area and recommended to try. Today’s hike lies on Nakasendo path (old ancient highway), leading to Otsumago via beautiful Otaki & Metaki waterfalls. If you have energy, it is also recommended to continue to another post town – Tsumago-juku (1.5 km extra) and come back.

In the evening you can relax your tired feet by soaking in a hot bath, followed by delicious dinner of local specialties at your accommodation. You meet your suitcase here.

 Accommodation: Hanaya or similar, Japanese style room, Dinner and breakfast

Location: Right in front of Otsumago Bus Stop, Right on the trail

Day 8: Kyoto


Begin the day by going to Kyoto: take a bus from Otsumago to Nagiso (15 min), then train from Nagiso to Nakatsugawa (20 min), train from Nakatsugawa to Nagoya (1 hour 15 min), and finally Shinkansen from Nagoya to Kyoto (40 min). Leave your luggage at your hotel and take Keian train from Sanjo station to Fushimi Inari (15 min), visit the famous Fushimi Inari Shrine (Shrine of a thousand red Torii gates) and walk up to the pond (1 hour round trip). In the afternoon take a train from Fushimi Inari to Kyoto, and Kyoto to Saga Arashiyama (30 min), to stroll along to the famous bamboo forest. Then, walk to Kameyama Park, come out to the riverside, and walk back to Saga Arashiyama Station (2.5 hours). In the evening take a train from Saga Arashiyama to Kyoto (15 min). Enjoy a dinner and a night walk around Kyoto Station. Finally, take subway from Kyoto Station to Karasuma Oike, then Karasuma Oike to Kyoto Shiyakusho (15 min) to arrive at your accommodation.

Accommodation: Hotel Grand Ms Kyoto or similar, Twin room, breakfast

Location: 1 min walk from subway Kyoto Shiyakusho Station or 15min by taxi from Kyoto Station

Day 9: Kyoto


Begin the day by taking a bus from Kyoto Shiyakusho station to Ginkakuji Temple for 20 min (purchase 500 JPY 1 day bus pass from the bus driver when you get off the bus), and visit the temple with a beautiful Zen garden (30-40 min). After Ginkakuji temple visit, continue to walk up to Mt Daimonji (1-1.5 hours round trip) to enjoy the panoramic view of the city from the top, then walk Philosophers Path to Nanzenji Temple (45 min 2 km flat), and visit this high-class Zen temple with a western aqueduct (30 min). Next, take a bus from Heian Jingu mae bus stop to Gojo-zaka (20 min), visit Kiyomizu Dera temple (1 hour) and walk through Ninen-zaka and Sannen-zaka streets (20 min 1.5km) back to Gion area. Spend the evening wandering around Gion area, especially in Hanami-koji and Shirakawa dori to spot Maiko and Geiko on the way to their appointment. It is recommended to have a dinner at Ponto-cho Street and Takasegawa riverside.

Accommodation: Hotel Grand Ms Kyoto or similar, Twin room, breakfast

Location: 1 min walk from subway Kyoto Shiyakusho Station or 15min by taxi from Kyoto Station

Day 10: Kyoto


On this day take a train from Sanjo to Demachi Yanagi (10 min) and get a hiking map at Demachi Yanagi Station. Walk from Demachi Yanagi to Kurama (30 min), and then hike up from Kuramadera Temple to Kifune Jinja Shrine, (2 hours and 2.5 km uphill and downhill). At the location enjoy a lunch around the shrine and refreshing onsen bath at Tenzanno-yu.

In the afternoon take a shuttle bus provided by the onsen company to Kufuneguchi Station, then train from Kifuneguchi to Demachiyanagi and train from Demachiyanagi to Sanjo (40 min).

Head to Teramachi covered shopping street and Shin Kyogoku covered shopping street after some relaxing time at the hotel. You can also visit Nishiki Food Market (Most of the stores start closing around 5pm)

 Accommodation: Hotel Grand Ms Kyoto or similar, Twin room, breakfast

Location: 1 min walk from subway Kyoto Shiyakusho Station or 15min by taxi from Kyoto Station


Day 11: Yoshino

At the hotel transfer your luggage to Osaka (about 2,500 JPY/bag), and pack for two night in your backpack.

Go by taxi, bus, or subway to Kyoto Station and take a Kintetsu train from Kyoto to Yoshino (amount of time depends on the departure timing, about 2 hours 15 min), if you are taking express you need to pay the extra amount on spot (but faster).

Enjoy Hiking from Yoshino Station to your accommodation through the shopping street and temples (1.5 – 2 hours uphill). At the end of the day relax by soaking in Onsen and enjoy a gorgeous meal!

 Accommodation: Taikoban KamKam or similar, Japanese style room, Dinner and breakfast

Location: Kamisenbon area. You get there on foot as a part of the hike. On the next morning the hotel shuttle will take you to the train station

Day 12: Dorogawa

In the morning use hotel shuttle to get to Yoshino Station, then take a train from Yoshino to Shimoichiguchi (20 min), and bus from Shimoichiguchi to Dorogawa Onsen (1 hour 15 min).

Leave your backpack at your accommodation, enjoy a lunch at one of the restaurants in the village, and go for a 2 hour hike around the village. Menfudo Cave, Karigane suspension bridge, bad cave, Hahakodo, Gorogoro water, Ryusenji Temple. In the evening soak in onsen and enjoy fabulous dinner at your accommodation.

Accommodation: Hanaya Tokubei or similar, Japanese style room, Dinner and breakfast

Location: In the middle of Dorogawa Onsen Town

Day 13: Osaka

In the first half of the day enjoy Mitarai Gorge Hike (2 hours 15 min 3.5 km moderate uphill and downhill) for breathtaking scenery any itme of the year. After the hike, take a bus from Tenkawa Kawai to Shimo Ichiguchi (1 hour), train from Shimo Ichiguchi to Osaka Abenobashi (1 hour 10 min), and finally subway from Tennoji to Shinsaibashi. Meet your suitcase at your hotel, have a break, and leave your stuff if you need to. For the rest of the evening explore Shinsaibashi Shopping street for awesome shopping opportunities, and wander around Dotonbori, where you can see the famous Glico Running man and Kani Doraku giant crab sign. If you still have time and energy in the evening, you can also walk to Kuromon Food Market, where you can see fresh foods and other good in all variety.

 Accommodation: Best Western Shinsaibashi, twin room, breakfast

Location:6 minutes walk from subway Shinsaibashi Station, convenient to visit main sigtseeing places

Day 14: Departure

Get back to your airport on this day for your departure flight.

If you’re flying from KIX, take subway from Shinsaibashi to Tennoji 10mins, Haruka from Tennoji to Kansai Airport 30mins

If you’re flying from NRT, take subway from SHinsaibashi to Shin Osaka 15mins, Shinkansen from Shin Osaka to Shinagawa 2.5hrs, Narita Express from Shinagawa to Narita Airport 1h15m

Included in the cost of the tour:
1 night at Tokyou Hotel Stay Shibuya, twin room, breakfast
from 8,600 JPY/person/night
1 night at Tokinoyu, Japanese style room, dinner and breakfast
from 7,000 JPY/person/night
1 night at Fuji Hakone Guest House, Japanese style room, no meals
from 6,210 JPY/person/night
1 night at Dormy Inn Matsumoto, twin room, breakfast
from 8,700 JPY/person/night
2 nights at Myojinkan, Japanese style room, dinner and breakfast
from 13,000 JPY/person/night
1 night at Hanaya, Japanese style room, Dinner and breakfast
from 10,800 JPY/person/night
3 nights at Hotel Grand Ms Kyoto, twin room, breakfast
from 11,200 JPY/person/night
1 night at Taikoban Kamukamu, Japanese style room, Dinner and breakfast
from 11,000 JPY/person/night
1 night at Hanaya Tokubei, Japanese style room, Dinner and breakfast
from 9,800 JPY/person/night
1 night at Best Western Shisaibashi, twin room, breakfast
from 11,450 JPY/person/night
Hakone Free Pass
4,000 JPY/person
Transportation between Matsumoto and Kamikochi
4,550 JPY/person
Express from Kyoto to Yoshinoguchi
2,550 JPY/person
Train from Shimoichiguchi to Abenobashi
1,420 JPY/person
Service fee *Please see below
30,000 JPY/person
Cost for this itinerary is based on 2 travelers in the group
Total cost per person : 175,680JPY

*Our company does not apply mark-ups for the tours. We list the items at market prices, and if you find the same items at a lower price, we will gladly match it. Instead of markups, we apply service fee, which includes itinerary design, booking services, individually designed travel book, and 24 hour support by phone and e-mail during your trip.

  • Tour code :
  • MDHI14